Conference on Formulation & Development of Novel Parenteral Drug - 12 & 13th July, Hotel Meluha The Fern, Mumbai

Event Introduction

The Novel parenteral administration route is the most effective and common form of delivery for active drug substances with poor bioavailability and the drugs with a narrow therapeutic index. Drug delivery technology that can reduce the total number of injection throughout the drug therapy period will be truly advantageous not only in terms of compliance, but also to improve the quality of the therapy. Such reduction in frequency of drug dosing is achieved by the use of specific formulation technologies that guarantee the release of the active drug substance in a slow and predictable manner. The development of new injectable drug delivery system has received considerable attention over the past few years
A number of technological advances have been made in the area of novel parenteral drug delivery, leading to the development of sophisticated systems that allow drug targeting and the sustained or controlled release of novel parenteral medicines. Novel Parenteral formulations, particularly intravascular ones, offer a unique opportunity for direct access to the bloodstream and rapid onset of drug action as well as target to specific organ and tissue sites. These review emphasis on the study of advanced novel parenteral drug delivery system with its application in reference of discussion of solid lipid nanoparticles . In manufacturing the scalability is always a challenge. Extractables & Leachables are an important process  in Novel Parenteral Drug Development.

Topics  Day I
·         Process Control
·         Equipment Usage
·         Quality Tool
·         QBD
·         Design of Robust  Clinical Development
·         Applying Human Factors and Usability Engineering to Medical Devices
·         Accelerated Process Development   
·         Regulatory & Clinical Strategies
·         Novel Drug Delivery Approaches
·         Developing Novel or Improved Formulation

Day  II
·         Life realizations –Complex Products
·         Developing an improved & functional Packaging Extractables & Leachables
·         Depot preparation formulation
·         Lack of Approvals –Patents expired
·         Nanotechnology –Liposomes Nano Particles
·         Regulatory Challenges pathway for licenses
·         Challenges in CMC complexity
Who should Attend ?
Head Product Development, R & D  Team members developing  Novel Parenteral Drugs, Device Manufacturers, Teams handling International Businesses, Regulatory Affairs,  CRO’s,  Chief Scientific Officers, Group Leaders Injectable, Formulation & Analytical Team.

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              Here From Expert : 

 Prof Chezy Barenholz.

    Professor Emeritus Barenholz (Daniel G. Miller Professor in Cancer Research) received his Ph.D. at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem in 1971. He has been on the faculty of the Hebrew University since 1968 and was promoted to a Professor in 1981. He has been a Visiting Professor at the following universities: University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1992;   the University of Kyoto, Japan, 1998; La Sapeinza University, Rome, 2006; Jaiotung University, Shanghai, China, 2006; Kings College, University of London, UK, 2006; and, the Danish Technical University DTU, Copenhagen, 2010.
His applied   research centers around the development of drug delivery systems (DDS) and drugs based on such DDS including low molecular weight anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and local anesthetic drugs, as well as delivery systems for peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, and vaccines. This is best exemplified by Doxil®, which was based on Barenholz invention and was developed to an FDA- and worldwide approved anti-cancer drug by Professor Barenholz together with the oncologist Professor Alberto Gabizon, and SEQUUS Pharmaceuticals, Menlo Park CA, USA.  Doxil® (Caelyx® in Europe) is the first FDA-approved nano drug and the first FDA-approved liposomal drug (1995).Its  sales exceeds half a billion dollars a year. Professor Barenholz is a coauthor of more than 405 scientific publications having altogether more than 25,000 citations.    He is a co-inventor in 50 approved patent families. He was an executive editor of Progress in Lipid Research, an editor of 4 Special Issues, and is on the editorial board of 5 scientific journals.

Professor Barenholz was awarded the following  prizes and awards:  the Donders Chair Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands {1992);   the Kaye award for innovation, twice (1995 & 1997) at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel;  the international  Alec  D. Bangham (the founder of the Liposome field) award (1998); the Teva Founders Prize (2001), Israel; an Honorary Doctor degree for “outstanding contributions to lipid membrane research and highly innovative achievements in nanomedicine”  from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in 2012,  (Copenhagen, Denmark); the international Controlled Release Society’s (CRS) most prestigious CRS Founders Award for 2012 and The Israeli chapter of the international Controlled Release Society’s (ICRS) Award of 2014, for Outstanding Achievements in Drug Delivery (pioneering work in the field of Liposome Science and Liposome-Based Drug Delivery Systems).  

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  • Conference on Formulation & Development of Novel Parenteral Drug - 12 & 13th July, Hotel Meluha The Fern, Mumbai .
    Formulation & Development of Novel Parenteral Drug - 12th & 13th July 2017 - Hotel Meluha , The Fern - Mumbai

  • It was a good experience . Got to meet people from various companies which provided a great learning experience
    Mr. G Sivabalan , DGM

  • It was a good experience when different people from different company shared their safety practices for OHS within their company
    Mr. N Selvakumar , Head Plant

  • Very nice explanation & examples which will be useful for implementation in my factory
    Mr. Thyagarjan, DY Manager

  • Excellent visit, thanks for giving this opportunity to us
    Mr. Tamilselvan, Asst Manager

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